In this article, we will be creating a navigation bar that is completely responsive on desktop as well as on mobile devices.

Before starting let’s see the folder structure,

| — — styles.css

So now let’s get started,

First, let’s create a layout for our navigation bar,

So let's first create an index.html file and start writing HTML code. In this, I will be using the font awesome icon for the hamburger menu and we have to add its link to include the icon in the script tag.

In this, I have also added some classes to…

Process Scheduling is also called Job Scheduling or Processor Scheduling.

Let’s first see what is a process,
In an operating system, the execution of a program is called a process. It is an active or dynamic entity and it also contains program code along with the current information for executing the program.

Now coming back to process scheduling —
It is done by the process manager which handles the removal of the running process from the CPU and selects another process based on particular criteria. …

Creating Function Expressions….

A function is a block of some code that is written in order to reduce the writing of the same code again and again. In Javascript, a simple function is written as follows,

Diving into Flask……

In this article, I’ll highlight flask and how to get started with it. Flask is a great framework if you are getting started with web development and want to connect your website to the backend in a simple method.

Flask is a microframework and its source code can be easily understood if you are familiar with flask. Being a micro-framework doesn’t mean that it is less useful than other frameworks. In Fact, being micro comes as an advantage for the developer as the developer can extend their application easily by using different extensions of their choice.


Analyzing the data

In this article I have tried to explain what is data mining in simple terms.Before starting with what exactly is data mining, let’s see why we need data mining ?
Since the last few decades there has been an exponential growth in data and since now data has been the core of all the business and startups its necessary to analyze these data and take proper decisions in order to survive in these highly competitive market. The traditional way of using and analyzing data is not possible as now the data is in terabyte and pentabyte.So it is…

All about JS Objects….

Defining Object in JS

In Javascript except the primitive datatypes everything is objects.
Objects can contain many values but these values are declared as key value pairs.
A simple object can be created as follows,

All about template literals in ES6

Template literals are also called as string literals, it makes working with strings easy.
Template literals use backticks(``) instead of single or double quotes, a template literal can be written as
let name = `Alex`;
The string can be accessed using ${} which is also called as interpolation, a simple program to demostrate the literals is as shown below,

Var vs Let vs Const

JavaScript ES6 has different ways to declare and use variables. This often leds to confusion about when to use which keyword, in this article I have made this easy to figure out when to use which keyword.

In order to know which keyword to use we must first know about the scope in javascript. As the name says it ‘scope’ means which variable is accessible and upto which point it is accessible.
So, in javascript the whole document is global scope and all the other functions and variables are contained in this global scope.


Getting started with an awesome open source SDK……

In today’s world mobile applications acts as an essential tool with the growing E-Commerce and technology. So one should definitely know how to develop great apps and work with the new technologies. When I began to start with app development I thought of Java, Kotlin or React Native for developing applications but these languages were difficult to learn or cannot be easily understood and takes lots of time. But thanks to Google for developing Flutter!

Let’s see what is Flutter and Why we should use it ?

What is Flutter?
In simple terms…

When a Software Developer writes a poetry!

img-credits: GeeksforGeeks

In this life’s HTML
add CSS,
and be JavaScript.

C the world with the class of logic
And react accordingly.
Stack up your goals,
quicksort your priorities.
Divide the goals into tasks,
conquer it in O(1) rather than O(n).

Be greddy for knowledge
not for wealth,
Because your successes
are waiting in queue.

In the process if you encounter the exception,
reach out to stack overflow,
complile it again till its successful.
If you still got the bug use recursion
until its executed successfully.

With this growing competitive framework,
be Java and stay simple like python,
but don’t comment out the inline happiness
and be github of someone’s life.

Sakshi Sawant

A Web Developer and a Student for Life !

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